Views  of Bo-Warra on the Manning River


Bo-Warra has been farming Bio-Dynamically since May 2004. Bio-Dynamics is an enhanced form of organic farming. No artificial fertilizers or chemicals are used in the production of  our beef. Bo-Warra is fully certified Bio-Dynamic by Demeter.


Bo-Warra Bio-Dynamic Beef farm is located on rich river flats in the Manning Valley.


We concentrate on producing the highest quality grass fed beef obtainable.  All cattle are moved onto fresh improved pasture every 2-3 days.  The cattle graze on a mixed, improved pasture to give a depth of flavour to the beef.


Bo-Warra Beef is obtainable direct from the farmer.   We sell by the quarter (34kg)  and by the eighth (17kg) boxes in Taree.  Our beef is retailed through Bent on Food in Wingham, Organic Feast in East Maitland and through Feather and Bone in Sydney.



Bruce and Belinda Robertson

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Demeter certified Bio-Dynamic

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